About me: Chemical engineer by education, science researcher (environment topics) as experience and long time passion to nature, herbs, art and cooking.

My company: I use only high quality, organic oils and butters, enriched with carefully chosen herb extracts.

I try to minimize using of water and all creams, lotions and lip balms are water free.

I ensure that my life phylosophy of taking care about the nature is part of my company’s philosophy and offer a zero waste-all packing can be reused or recycled, as well I recycle all unused materials.

I try to use more local products.

I do love Nature and believe that we need to care about it.

About all products:All products are handmade from 100% natural ingredients (vegetable oils and butters, herbs, bee products and at som soaps- Greek joghurt), organic and certificated.

Everything is made in small batches to insure that they are always fresh.

Chemicals: All my products are free from surfactants (as SLS, SLES), conservants, emulsifiers, artificial colorants and micas, perfumes, petrol products.

Colors: I use only natural products as colorants f.exs. raw cacao powder, coffee, paprika;  herbs-calendula, camomile; fruits and vegetables-avocado, carrots.

Scent: I have unscented and scented with essential oils products as well.

Personalised orders: I love to make a custom orders, so if you are looking for something special made (as Birthday party, Beptising party, Wedding flavours), do not hestimate to contact me.

You  can make order by e-mail or by my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/valentinanatursaebe

Payment: mobilpay, PayPal, bank transfer or cash

Delivery: postDK, GLS, collect yourself after agreement

For orders over 400kr-free delivery




There are no medical claims, if you are in doubt or have any allergic problems, please consult with your general practitioner.